CAMPSITE CAMPIX: In the heart of the country and close to everything

Camping Campix is located immediately north of the commune of St-Leu-d’Esserent, close to the river Oise, in an disused stone quarry, now covered with thick growth of vegetation. The metres high limestone walls of the former quarry, in which the campsite is cuddled up, are a natural fence at the north and west side, offering the site a quite particular ambiance.
On top of that, thanks to the astonishing inclination of the lot, one wouldn’t say that the campsite offers 175 sites almost all empowered with electricity.

Plenty of space in the off season and unfenced pitches. In July and August a friendly, busy atmosphere where children quickly make friends in grounds offering many opportunities for adventure.

A year of prestigious events and unforgettable discoveries

January 27, 2024Château de ChantillyReopening of Château de Chantilly
February 1, 2024Pavillon de ManseReopening of Pavillon de Manse
March 23-24, 2024SenlisSenlis Garden Salon
March 30, 2024Parc AstérixOpening of Parc Astérix (35th Anniversary)
May 7 – June 30,Grandes Écuries de ChantillyEquestrian Show “A Day in Paris”
May 13 – June 7,Coye-la-ForêtCoye-la-Forêt Theatre Festival
May 17-19, 2024Château de ChantillyChantilly Plant Days
June 2, 2024Prix du Qatar Jockey ClubPrix du Qatar Jockey Club
June 7-9, 2024Domaine de ChaalisRose Days at Domaine de Chaalis
June 8-9, 2024ChantillyChantilly Triathlon
June 13-23, 2024ApremontPolo Nations Cup at Apremont
June 15, 2024Château de ChantillyWhite Picnic at Château de Chantilly
June 15-16, 2024SenlisNational Archaeology Days in Senlis
June 16, 2024ChantillyPrix de Diane Longines
September 7 –Domaine de ChaalisThe Grand Adventure of Domaine de Chaalis
September 1, 2024  
July 7, 2024Polo ClubAumale Rally at Polo Club
July 10-13, 2024ChantillyChantilly Classic
July 17 – AugustGrandes Écuries de ChantillyEquestrian Show “Equinox” at Grandes Écuries
18, 2024 of Chantilly
July 18, 2024ChantillyOlympic Flame Passage in Chantilly
September 12-15,Château de ChantillyChantilly Arts and Elegance
September 21-22,European Heritage Days
October 5-6, 2024SenlisSenlis Book Fair
November 23-24,Senlis“Senlis Leads the Dance” Festival
November 30 –Grandes Écuries de ChantillyChristmas Equestrian Show at Grandes Écuries
January 5, 2025 of Chantilly
November 30 –Château de ChantillyChristmas at Château de Chantilly
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